How to get there

And here is how to get there :

  • Highway A1 Exit 81 St. Gallen Kreuzbleiche
  • Follow the blue signs in the direction of "Appenzell/Altstätten"
  • After leaving St. Gallen a short distance of 80 km/h 
  • Afterwards turn left in direction "Teufen" (blue signs)
  • Follow the street through Niederteufen and Teufen for about. 3.3 km until you reach the crossroads at the railway station of Teufen (No right of way and a dangerous railroad crossing with no warning lights, no barrage or similar!) - turn left in direction "Speicher"
  • Follow the street for about 800 meters until you see on the right hand side the bakery/restaurant "Gemsli", right after turn right into the "Alte Speicherstrasse" (advertising pillar of the village)
  • Follow the "Alte Speicherstrasse" for about 1 km and you have already reached us at "Schleife 1042" on the lefthand side of the road!